Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 10: The Food Cart

Photo of the Day: The Best Halal in Manhattan

Made it to Day 10 and safely made it into the double digits! You may have noticed that a good chunk of my photographs consist of food, but that's because it is one of New York's main attractions. I haven't even really started hitting up the truly "great" places yet! Today I tried some halal from the famous food cart at West 53rd Street and 6th Avenue. I had no idea a food cart could be so popular, but literally dozens of people have recommended this specific location to me. It's a simple platter with pita bread and chicken and lamb over rice and lettuce topped with a creamy white sauce, but the sum is greater than its parts as they all mix together into a delectable medley. Later than night, I grabbed dinner at The Kati Roll Company, which serves Indian tacos served on flat bread and stuffed with spiced meats. Though I'm usually not a fan of Indian cuisine, it really hit the spot.

My Photo of the Day was supposed to be a lot more interesting than food since my co-worker invited me a live storytelling performance hosted by The Moth tonight. These StorySLAMs take place all over New York every couple weeks, and this time it just so happened to be nearby in Greenwich Village and have a captivating theme. Unfortunately, despite arriving nearly an hour early, we weren't able to fit into the bar where it was hosted and were turned away at the door. The line for this event literally wound all the way down the block. Who knew that storytelling was still such an honored performance art? I'm looking forward to going to the next one and arriving early; it sounds like such an unique and fascinating concept. Instead of leaving the evening as a total bust, we stopped by the cozy and intimate Shade Bar and had some fun conversation over a beer.

Fire escapes in Greenwich Village.
I'm usually not a big fan of Indian food, but Kati Rolls are absolutely delicious!
The menu at The Kati Roll Company was very descriptive and informative.
This is just a small segment of the line we waited in for nearly an hour. Who knew storytelling was still such a popular performance art?
A really beautiful red church door that we saw walking to the subway station. I wanted a good picture of it, but I was too lazy to cross the street.
Heart shadows on the sidewalk guide my way home.


  1. goodness, i can't wait to lay into that lamb dish next month :) i really like this blog, josh... keep it up :)

  2. haha... you know, my friend and i went to that cart when we were up in NYC, and we both preferred the chicken/lamb/rice dish from the no-name cart in front of the Met! ... but then again, we also accidentally put WAAAAY too much of the hot red sauce on our food. i think that may have ruined the experience for us :-P

    love the last picture!

  3. ooo... and that storytelling performance thing sounds REALLY interesting!! i want to go to one!

  4. I know, right? I can't wait to go see one! I'll definitely post about it when I do and let you know how it goes. Or if you come visit at a strategic time, I could take you!

    I loved the halal, but I haven't had any from the other carts, so I have no comparison point. So don't take my word for it.

  5. food is making me drool. yum.

    I love the church with the red door shot. I LOVE red doors on houses and churches for some reason. dunno why.

  6. @Laura: Oh my gosh, forget the architecture, art, and commerce....the food is what make New York great!

    And I wish I had gone through the trouble of crossing the street and setting up a better shot. It really was a beautiful door, but this one came out blurry.