Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 2: The Move

Photo of the Day: First Glimpse of an Iconic Skyline

I finally saw the Manhattan skyline today while picking up some furniture in Long Island City for my new room. The city is stunning and overwhelming, and I can't wait "to be a part of it," as Frank Sinatra so eloquently puts it.

Today was a rocky start for me with a lot of "firsts" in New York. I had my first breakfast of raisin bread, a red bean sesame ball, a pork-filled rice cake, and milk in a Chinese bakery in Queens. I drove for the first time in my U-Haul cargo van rental (thanks to NCCC for those giant 15-passenger skills!), and in the pouring rain to boot. While it wasn't necessarily a fun task, I'm proud that I managed to move a 7-piece bedroom set up three flights of narrow stairs nearly all by myself. The icing on the cake though? I had my barely-month-old MyTouch cell phone stolen from me at a gas station. It was out of my sight for all of five minutes, and when I turned around, it was gone. Upon later research using GPS capability, I discovered the phone was somewhere in Brooklyn....which I have yet to visit. It's the third phone I've managed to lose within six months, and now I get to wander New York without the assistance of my handy online maps and subway schedules.

Ah well, here's to comforting myself with more pictures of New York:
I spy the Empire State Building.

More of the Manhattan skyline from Long Island City.

A rainy day at the subway station.
The waiting for the 7 train on the Elmhurst station.
New York rooftops.


  1. damn, josh

    you get a new phone?

  2. The subway station doesn't look that nice in this photo. Is it clean and safe? How does the rush hour like in there?

  3. @Endri Yup, I got a replacement the next day...needed that sense of security, haha. Same number, so we should coordinate a Philly and/or New York get-together some time!

    @Mom It's not terribly clean or safe, just like most public transportation. But if you use common sense, it's fine, and millions of people ride it every day with no problems at all. Rush hour is busy and crowded, but everything still moves along at a steady pace, and you get home quickly!