Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day 5: The New Friend

Photo of the Day: Noodle Soup for the Soul

I know the title sounds unbelievably lame, like my move to the Big Apple is the first day of kindergarten, and I finally made a new friend. But the truth is I really am here all by my lonesome, so it was especially momentous for me to find some kind of social connection. Meet Clarence, a native New Yorker, who I blindly met through a mutual friend. He did me the great service of helping me pick up my shipment of three giant boxes containing a large bulk of my earthly goods from the FedEx office. In return, all I could grant him was some meager noodles. We had an awesome conversation, and I found out we have a lot of common interests and experiences.

Clarence took me down to Flushing, his home turf, and we had these delicious soups as a small sample of the extensive Asian cuisine scene. Aside from the mushrooms I fished out, it was quite comforting to have the warm meal in my tummy!

On top of that, I had my first work happy hour to bid farewell to Kate, my professional predecessor who is leaving at the end of the week. We grabbed drinks at the happy hour at Ted's Montana Grill located right inside our office building, so we didn't even have to brave the dreary New York streets. I wasn't able to stay long since I had to pick up the aforementioned packages, but it was fun hanging out with these awesome people for a little bit and unwinding before having to wrangle heavy boxes all evening.

Fun times after hours.


  1. dude! I hate mushrooms too josh!!!

    and I'm happy to hear that you've made a new friend up there. =)

  2. Yay, Josh got new friend, hope you'll meet more wonderful friends there. Does the noodle taste as good as it looks?

  3. yay!!! i'm sooo glad you met my friend Clarence! I"m so glad he was able to help you too :D

  4. Awww good food, people and beer! what more do you need? hehe! well I just wanted to know I love this blog and especially all the pix! :D

    PS. Keep up your positive yet honest morale.

  5. sulisa, find me some friends in philly, too :)

  6. haha.. i also hate mushrooms.

    josh, "so popular"... don't worry (haha although as optimistic as you are, you probably aren't worried), i'm sure you're going to build a great community of friends up there in no time! it sounds like you've already been meeting up with a bunch of people :-)

  7. A big thank you to Sulisa for introducing me! I'd have been stranded with no stuff for a while without the extra help. And thanks everyone else for the encouragement!

  8. @Michelle: Unfortunately, when my phone got stolen, "so popular" disappeared with it. =( I think I may have it saved on another phone in Houston, but that means I'll have to go without my trademark ringtone for a few months!