Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 9: The Church, Part 1

Photo of the Day: Afternoon Worship Practice

Today I visited Living Faith Community Church with Talida and Tim, but before I get into details, may I say how refreshing it was simply to attend church? I have to confess my quiet devotional times have been rare to nonexistent since arriving, so it was really wonderful to worship with fellow Christians again and bask in God's goodness and grace.

Interestingly enough, the church, a plant of the famous Redeemer Church, rents its meeting space from Temple Beth Sholom, a Jewish synagogue in Bayside, which makes for an interesting if not beautiful setting. The congregation is predominantly composed of young Asian families and professionals, so I felt right at home. The hilarious Pastor Stephen Ro led the service with a dynamic sermon from Genesis 50 that illustrated how God is in control of our lives, just as he was in Joseph's time. He really challenged me to think about my purpose and why God has lead me to this new place at this time. Pastor Ro pointed out that just as God used Jacob's secular job to save lives, so can we he also use our vocations to lovingly reach out to his people. I haven't really had an opportunity to reflect much since arriving in New York, but I think I need to spend time with God and get a clearer understanding of his vision for my life this year.

Aside from church, I got a few errands on my checklist done. I visited the laundromat for the first time, and I ironed a whole bunch of my dress shirts that were still wrinkled from the trip here. I'm still not completely settled, but I'm as close as can be expected. At this point, I really am very mentally and physically drained. My co-worker's recommendation was to take any offer to explore New York and find friends quickly, which I think I have done, but I'm really not used to this type of social marathon. I think I need to slow down this week and spend intentional time alone, or at least use my time more wisely.

The sermon today at Living Faith Community Church was based on Genesis 50. It's very convenient having the Bible on your phone, but I do miss having pages to flip. I might have to invest in a book version again soon.
My ride was assisting the worship team with projector slides, so we arrived extra early to watch the band practice.
There was a meeting after church, so Talida and Tim dropped me off by the Flushing subway station. However, I decided to grab a quick lunch first while I happened to be in an area renowned for cheap Chinese food.
Reason No. 127 to love New York: Peking Duck for only $1 a bun.
My $3 lunch. Not the best Peking Duck I've ever had, but still quite delicious, and who am I to complain at these prices?
My schedule today included doing my laundry. I accidentally used the expensive washers--rookie mistake.
I am so tired. I've been trying to socialize and assimilate as quickly as possible, but I'm exhausted and will need some quality alone time soon.


  1. Glad to hear that you are encouraged to draw near to God in the midst of other believers. That is exactly what a church should do. Let them know because that will encourage them too.

  2. wow.. interesting to have church in a synagogue! i'm glad to hear that the message was very relevant!

    hmm- on that last picture... how do you focus on your eye when you can't see through the viewfinder?

  3. Yeah, I'm going to try a few more churches first, but this one was definitely a top contender!

    @Michelle: It's actually not a very well-focused picture, haha. If you enlarge it, you'll see the focus is on the pillow, not my eye. But I liked how the composition turned out, so I went with it. =P

  4. Are you smelling your clean freshly laundered bedsheets in that last pic?

  5. Haha, actually no, that was taken right before I left for the laundromat. But I've only been here nine days, so it wasn't THAT dirty! =P