Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 7: Hoboken

Picture of the Day: Jersey Shore Night View

Despite being utterly exhausted after a week of constant lifestyle adjustment and little sleep, I accepted an old acquaintance's invitation to have dinner with her and some friends in Hoboken, New Jersey. We took the subway into this charming and bustling town at the very end of the Port Authority's rail line. After the grimy ruckus of Queens and the manic frenzy of Manhattan, laid-back suburban Hoboken was a welcome change of pace. The weather was gorgeous, so we waited for an hour just to score some outdoor seating at a little Italian joint called Leo's Grandevous, to which New Jersey native Frank Sinatra had friendly ties. The interior is a veritable shrine to the legendary crooner. I definitely felt a lot older sitting at the sidewalk patio sipping wine and having adult conversation. On the way home, I stopped by the waterfront and enjoyed the phenomenal view of the Manhattan skyline from the New Jersey shore.

I'm so thrilled that it is finally the weekend. I'm going to use this time to finally settle in for good, buy groceries, do laundry, and just find a familiar normalcy. If I get done early and this bout of beautiful weather holds up, I might also make my first trip to Central Park!

What the heck is this blurry, strange picture? Though you can't see through the crowds, there was a live concert featuring Katy Perry by the Rockefeller Plaza! I think it was for The Today Show. Obviously I did not have a very advantageous vantage point, haha.
It was Kate's last day of work today, so the few of us left in the office at the end of the day sent her off with a toast of champagne.
I finally get to see the Empire State Building up close.
The intersection by Madison Square Garden.
We passed by the Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop, the home and inspiration for TLC's show Cake Boss!
Hoboken City Hall.

Our view of suburban Hoboken as we dined on the sidewalk patio.
My Chicken Sorrento from Leo's. It was pretty good, but far too overpriced.


  1. Thanks! It's breathtaking at night. One of the guys I met that evening who recommended I stop by the waterfront said he takes all his dates there because it makes them instantly fall in love with him.