Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 4: The Pizza

Picture of the Day: A New York Delicacy

My second day of work was equally intriguing and challenging as the first, but despite a great time at the office, this pizza was definitely today's highlight. Everything they say about New York pies? Absolutely true. They're completely unique and utterly incomparable. I've never had pizza like it: the thin crust with just the right level of crispiness and deceptively abundant toppings crammed into its thin profile. These slices (one was tomato and basil, the other spinach and three cheeses) were from Patzerias Perfect Pizza on Broadway. I got off work late and decided to grab dinner while in Manhattan, so I picked this little eatery at random using my mobile phone. I blindly followed the GPS directions and wound up, to my surprise, right in the middle of iconic Times Square. I actually found it overrated and a little bit depressing; it just felt claustrophobic and too garish and touristy for my taste. However, it is a world-famous landmark and therefore worth the visit.

 New York tunnel system > Houston tunnel system
Sesame Street characters in Times Square.
A visit to the famous Time Square! There are probably millions of photos just like this; every tourist there had a camera out to snap a few shots.
A little context to where I ate my first New York pizza.
The subway station on the trip home.


  1. dude, that pizza looks so good. i dont like meat on pizza and tomatoes and basil is awesome!

  2. It was freakin' amazing. This place is pretty popular, but I can't wait to try one of the really famous places like Grimaldi's and see how they stack up. I'm thinking maybe doing a pizza tour this year?

  3. you should go to lombardi's!! and take me with you please - that's my favorite pizzeria. I used to go all the time but now it's so far away from me :(

  4. @Van Ann: I'll come with you! I don't know anyone else in town, but invite your friends along! Are you doing anything this weekend?