Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 107: The First Snowfall

Photo of the Day: Winter Rose

I woke up this morning to a fine film of fluffy white covering the streets. If you grew up in Houston as I did, you can imagine the uncontainable excitement this rare sight caused. Sure, the weather was unbearably frigid today; it was the kind of cold that makes it hard to breathe. But getting to experience my first snowfall in New York was worth it. Besides, if you dress appropriately, you can be quite comfortable, even in 20-degree temperatures. I even risked coming in slightly late to work because I couldn't resist taking the time to capture the quiet tranquility of a world blanketed in snow.

A fading rose retiring for the winter.
Chili peppers: nature's own take on Christmas lights.
Vibrantly red chili peppers growing in a garden in Queens.
Star-shaped caps for the red chili peppers.
Weeds growing amidst the snow.
A branch embedded into the snow.
Footprints in freshly fallen snow.
Snow gathered around tree roots.


  1. I love the pictures of the flowers and the snow! And very clever with the peppers.. they really do resemble Christmas lights! It snowed here in Philly a little as well... I walked to a nearby coffee shop and hummed and grinned the whole way.

  2. Yay for snow! It is so nice when its a nice, light, fresh powder, but I've heard horror stories of how nasty it gets as it melts and gets all dirty and slushy. Oh, and also the nightmare of black ice. I hope I only experience this good kind of snow!