Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 99: The Workstation

Photo of the Day: All-New Mission Control

My workload since returning after the Thanksgiving break has been nothing short of insane. Everyone is cramming for holiday and year-end campaigns and rushing to meet first-quarter goals. Yet despite the overwhelming to-do list, I've been cruising along merrily thanks to one significant change in my work environment: a brand new laptop! When I arrived at the office last Monday, I was pleased to find a shipment in my name containing a brand new HP ProBook 4520s, along with a mouse, keyboard, and 22-inch LCD monitor to extend my desktop. My old machine was a source of endless frustration and aggression; I would've been happy with just a computer doesn't freeze literally every time I open a new file and doesn't take 30 minutes to boot up (I timed it). Instead, I got an entirely new workstation. I feel like my productivity is through the roof, and I am once again a happy employee. A huge thanks to HP for generously donating all this equipment to our organization! You can see how much my cubicle has changed and how comfortably I've settled in by comparing the pictures in this post to the Photo of the Day in Day 3: The Job.

My sweet new setup (compare with Day 3: The Job).
My to-do list, expressed in a mishmash of various organizational methods I've experimented with over the last few months.
I booked my flight to San Francisco today for our company retreat in January. I'm so excited to finally get to meet all the other staff members from other cities across the nation who I've been e-mailing and calling for months but have never met.
Scenes from Queens: The lovely Christmas lights and decorations I get to enjoy during my frigid walk home from work.
Scenes from Queens: A lighted Nativity scene under the front window.
Scenes from Queens: Illuminated toy soldiers stand guard amidst Yuletide decor with cheery smiles.
Kayla cracked me up with this completely impromptu get-up and hairdo reminiscent of a 1980's rebel girl. The lollipop stick even looks like a little cigarette.
Ci Ayching's "mini-martabak" with chocolate and cheese. Tasty!


  1. Awww, your cubicle looks so nice and neat (except an empty plate was still sitting there).

  2. I think kayla is super cute.

  3. I am really impressed by how organized your desk is. without the empty plate there, i would have a hard time believing that it was actually used. :-P ... i guess that is an indicator of the state of affairs at my desk.

    have to agree with everyone else... kayla is so cute!

  4. I have to admit I did do a little bit of tidying up of my desk before I took the picture. I like to clean it up regularly, but it DEFINTELY is not this organized the majority of the time. I also may have left the empty plate in the shot for artistic purposes to give it a lived-in feel. :P