Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 94: The Open Apartment

Photo of the Day: A Blank Slate

Though I've only been living in New York City for a few months, I'm already thinking of moving again. The family I am staying with found an incredible piece of property for rent in a brand new building for a comparable price and is seriously considering taking it. The apartment is located in the same neighborhood, so very little would change in terms of commute or access. The church the family attends meets in the basement, and their pastor actually lives down the hall for added convenience. Some other definite perks: a balcony and central air conditioning! They were hesitant at first about bringing up the proposed move to me since I just settled in, but after seeing this place, I'm all for it! Let's just hope and pray now that they can successfully negotiate the asking rent down to their price range. I'm trying not to get my hopes too high, but as you can see below, it's quite an upgrade!

The kitchen, with new appliances and a whole lot more cabinet and counter space.
Ci Ayching in the enormous master bedroom.
The master bathroom, with a standing shower that looks like a space capsule.
From the balcony overlooking Grand Avenue.
This would be my room if they successfully negotiated for this apartment.
The bedroom from the other side.
The front bathroom, which I would be using if we moved here.
Their pastor lives literally down the hall, and the church meets in the basement. We stopped to chat with him for a while after our real estate tour.
The kids are friends with the pastor's kids, which means easy access to playmates.
Kayla wants to play veterinarian with me upon returning home.


  1. Agree, the place looks so much nicer and spacious than your current one. I hope the nego. goes through.

  2. if you move to a bigger place, will your rent go up?

  3. No luck...we didn't get the place because they wouldn't budge on the price. :( Sad day.