Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 108: The Shop Windows

Photo of the Day: Tiffany's Holiday Fairy Tale

I cheated. But just a little bit. I've been waiting so long to see Rockefeller Center lit up in all its holiday glory, but I promised myself to let the anticipation build and go with friends to enjoy the Christmas spirit. But today after work, I was a little stressed and had no plans, and I just so happened to saunter past that area. I first walked down a few blocks of Fifth Avenue to see the creative and ultra-festive store windows, which are decked out in grand fashion for the season with dazzling light displays and themed props. Cartier, for instance, annually transforms their building into one giant gift box wrapped with a red ribbon of light. And Tiffany & Co.'s classy miniature displays that showcase their jewelry are utterly captivating.

And yes, afterward I couldn't help but cut near Rockefeller Center on my way back to the subway station, and I did stop to admire the Swarovski Star on display. But I never actually entered the plaza, and while I saw the tree from a distance, I stayed at least a block a way at all times. So when I visit again some time this weekend, it will still be, at least in my mind, an iconic, first-time experience.

Ornaments of red.
The Fendi store is all decked out for a holiday evening.
Reflections of snowflakes in the church window.
A small peek into the opulence of the Peninsula Hotel.
The iconic UNICEF Snowflake, made of more than more than 16,000 Baccarat crystal prisms, at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street.
The dazzling UNICEF Snowflake, weighing about 3,300 pounds, is suspended over a busy intersection.
Tiffany & Co. adorns its windows with fairy tale scenes washed in light blue and promises of eternal love.
The ginormous wreath hanging above the Trump Tower lobby.
So it's not holiday themed, per se, but you have to admit Chanel's window is pretty sexy.
Ornaments by Escada.
The Tommy Hilfiger storefront all tied up with a big light bow.
Nothing sells shoes like Rockette cutouts.
Cartier outdoes them all by wrapping up the store like a giant gift box with a big bow made of Christmas lights.
The Swarovski Star replica on display.
An identical version of this star currently tops the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.
The Swarovski Star is made up of 25,000 crystals and illuminated with 720 LED bulbs on 3,000 feet of wire.
The Swarovski Star is 9.5 feet high and weighs 550 pounds.


  1. WHOA. i loved this post... what a lot of eye candy!

  2. Awww...I wish you could have experienced Fifth Avenue when it wasn't cold and rainy. Even though they're certainly more special at the holiday times, the shop windows are always a pretty attraction! Any you recognize?