Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 96: The Office Decor

Photo of the Day: Orb

I still haven't visited the Rockefeller Center tree yet; I think I'm letting the anticipation build. So I'm starting small with the Christmas decor right in my own office lobby. The Time-Life Building has been adorned with red and silver, which matches elegantly with the modern black granite and stainless steel interior. I don't think there's a building in town that hasn't been decked out for the holiday!

The Christmas tree in the lobby of my office building.

Ornaments with lots of sparkle
That's me!
Translucent plastic berries take on new life when illuminated by Christmas lights.
A satin red ornament hangs amidst a sea of silver.
The sparkling wreath on the stainless steel walls makes for a decidedly modern and festive effect.
A close-up on the wreath's silver and red decor.
Scenes from Queens: Though the trees are becoming bare and the weather cold, there are still punches of flower power in the neighborhood.


  1. I *like* this entire post. Great Christmas decor!

  2. Yay for Christmas! And this is just in my office building. Can you imagine this replicated in all the buildings across Manhattan? It boggles the mind!