Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 98: The Barbecue

Photo of the Day: The Lineup

Two food comas in two days? I'm thinking this holiday season will not be good to my gut. The food this time was catered from Three Brothers Butcher BBQ in Bayside. It by no means compared to Texas barbecue, but that doesn't mean it wasn't still delicious, and there were also definitely major bonus points for variety and sheer quantity: brisket, sausage, pulled chicken and pork, baby back ribs, four kinds of pasta, mashed sweet potatoes, cornbread, rolls, cole slaw, and potato salad.

The occasion was a farewell party for Pastor Don, who has led the English congregation at Boon Church for more than five years and is now moving on to his next opportunity. Being new, I haven't had the chance to get to know him personally, but after hearing all the lavishly kind and warm words tonight about the lives he's changed, I now wish I had the chance to experience his gospel-centric ministry. Though I know very little about him, I do know he is a genuinely caring and loving individual who has touched a lot of people during his tenure with the church.

Boon Church ministry leaders: future, past, and present.
The party gets started for Pastor Don's farewell bash.
Folks line up for a very late lunch.
An impressive array of meats, pastas, and salads.
In line for a delicious meal from Three Brothers Butcher BBQ
Pastor Don and his family receive a great big thank you card signed by the English congregation.
Pastor Don's angelic little three-year-old daughter Courtney.
The photographers are never good at being photographed.
Cutting the super alcohol-laden tiramisu dessert.
Pastor Don and his wife Viv with baby Ethan.
Pastor Don and baby Ethan.
Black and White: Dan and baby Ethan.
Black and White: Sandy.
Black and White: Clarence.
Black and White: Phil.
I thought it would be funny today to bury Kayla on my bed underneath a pile of blankets and jackets.
Kayla manages to escape from under the crushing weight of all my coats and blankets.
Kayla tucked in several layers deep.

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