Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 73: The Branch

Photo of the Day: Taproot DC

Because I did not to want ride the bus back to New York City in the wee hours of the morning, I requested the opportunity to work out of our Washington, D.C. office today. It was a bit surreal to see our organization's culture, with which I've grown well-acquainted, transferred and applied in this new and foreign location. Unfortunately, my workday was quite stressful because I was unable to access the Internet at all on my laptop, but I did enjoy experiencing what working in a new city might feel like and meeting my fellow colleagues.

The trip back up to New York was considerably smoother than the ride down (see Day 71: The Rally). There were a lot of vacancies, so I was able to claim three seats at the back of the bus and stretch out to my heart's content. They showed Pixar's The Incredibles as the in-drive movie, and I spent the rest of the four-hour journey reading a really good book. Even the rest stop in Delaware was luxurious with clean, futuristic bathrooms and tons of solid dining options. It was pleasant ending my mini-vacation in such a relaxed and restful manner despite the long road home.

Washington, D.C.'s Union Station from my bus window.
A random Washington, D.C. streetscape out the bus window.

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