Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 87: The Crossword

Photo of the Day: Word Play

Why do Mondays insist on always being so miserable? Work was extremely frustrating today due to technical difficulties with my laptop. At one point I was so upset I literally had to get up and leave to avoid breaking something. It was a late night too, with my extensive to-do list and slow computer keeping me in the office until almost 9 p.m. Fortunately, right as I was leaving, I got a message from my boy, Tai, and gave him a call for some quality catching up.

As for the Photo of the Day, I didn't take many pictures today, so I decided to acknowledge my crossword addiction with this photo. I do them all the time on the subway, which make for at least an hour of crossword time daily.

This whole week is going to be long and difficult. In addition to having a lot on my plate, I also have to account for the vacation days I'm taking next week and get ahead of the work I'll be missing. One day down, four to go—then it's home sweet home for a Texas-style Thanksgiving!

Orange juice, leftovers, applesauce, and Hulu—the glamorous life of a New York bachelor.


  1. I knew someone would ask eventually! I'm watching "Raising Hope." Out of all the brand new shows I tried this season, "Raising Hope" was the only one that survived. Not my favorite show, but funny enough to keep in queue.