Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 90: The Innovators

Photo of the Day: Musical Interlude

One of the reasons I love my job is the amazing opportunities that it provides to network and develop professionally. For instance, today I got to attend the inaugural NextGen:Charity conference, featuring the best and brightest superstars in nonprofit innovation. It was promoted as a TED-style event with emerging top leaders of the sector presenting short six-minute talks on an array of fascinating and relevant topics. Among the fantastic lineup of speakers were luminaries such as Seth Godin, prolific author, blogger, and marketing god; Ami Dar, founder of; Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance; Scott Harrison, founder of charity:water; Andrew Noyes, Facebook director of public policy communications; and of course, my boss, Aaron Hurst, president and CEO of Taproot Foundation. I was a little bit starstruck to be in the presence of so many great and influential minds and was thoroughly inspired by the passion, intelligence, and creativity of all the presenters. The nonprofit and philanthropy fields are undergoing radical, revolutionary shifts and require some serious reconsideration, and it was stimulating to hear the ideas and thinking that are going into shaping efforts to adapt to the fragmented and technological 21st century landscape.

Unfortunately, they didn't allow photography in the theater, so I only managed to slip in one quick picture during one of the musical interludes, which made it as Photo of the Day. The conference organizers will, however, soon be posting videos of the talks online along with photographs, and I will let you know when they become available and hopefully snag a few extra shots for the blog.

Registration was a bit of a madhouse, and of course my line moved the slowest.
Two of the Taproot ladies stand in line for registration and busily checking their cell phones.
The promotional poster for NextGen:Charity.

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