Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 76: The Fruit Tower

Photo of the Day: Cornucopia

We had another office birthday today, this time celebrating our beloved Special Assistant to the President. He's definitely one of the larger personalities at work, managing to be outrageous, witty, and hilarious while also remaining smart, professional, and humble. And he gets an incredible amount of work done for our organization. To commemorate his special day, some co-workers put together a ridiculous PowerPoint presentation that was shown before the entire executive management team, and another one of his good friends at the office put together that luscious fruit tower pictured above.

Today was a bit miserable for me because I am feeling a bit under the weather. I had brought my laptop to work and was planning to hang out somewhere in Manhattan tonight, but by the end of the day, I just wanted to immediately go home and curl up in bed, which is what I did while watching How to Train A Dragon. I feel a cold coming on strong, and I've been fighting a losing battle despite my attacks with Theraflu and lots of Vitamin C.

Francesca and I worked on a tedious project together today at work. We communicate through this little window between our cubicles.
The host family made kacang hijau (an Indonesian dessert made of green mung beans and coconut milk) today and offered me some when I got home. A great warm treat for a cold autumn's night.
As I've mentioned in previous posts, unsolicited visits from Kayla are now a daily occurrence. Isn't she cute in her little jammies?
When I've seen nothing particularly photo-worthy all day, pictures of cute kids make a good default filler for my blog.


  1. she sure is a cutie :) don't let her get too close and catch your cold! and bundle up and drink lots of hot liquids :) love ya.

  2. Josh!
    your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!
    There's always meaning behind the pictures you take!
    I'm glad that a couple of your friends came and visited you! how fun! Do you enjoy NYC? It's so fun when they decorate all with christmas things! you should watch radio city! It's pretty spectacular haha but don't go when you're tired bc you'll fall asleep just like Joeny did! I hope we can visit you one day!! hehehe

  3. @Lestari: Thanks for the concern! No worries, I'm on it.

    @swtshyna: Thank you, Shina! I don't think I can afford to watch the Spectacular, but I've already seen two Broadway shows, which were higher on my priority list.

    Yes, please do come visit some time! I'm growing my list of recommended places where I can take people, and there are some really cool spots!