Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 75: The Illumination

Photo of the Day: Christmas Spectacular

This is the scene I've passed every day for the past two weeks whenever I enter or exit my office building. Working next to Radio City Music Hall, it's no wonder that I've walked home whistling It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas literally every single day. Today was special, however, because it's the first time I've seen the tree illuminated. While the neon is lit year-round and the wreaths and garlands have been glowing for weeks, the massive cone atop the marquee has remained dark until now. It was a pleasant and breathtaking surprise to leave work today and see the Christmas tree in its full glory, shimmering with a thousand points of constantly-changing colored lights. Every day, I see city workers up in treetops adding more strands of lights to the city's shrubbery and makes me excited to see the final effect when it all finally comes together.

A close up on the Radio City Music Hall tree topper.
I kept Kayla amused today by letting her play games on my cell phone.


  1. Kayla is too cute!

    Great Radio City Music Hall pic. Is it a real Christmas tree under all those lights, though?

  2. I'm not able to personally check it out since it's up high and out of reach. However, given the tree's unnaturally perfect conical shape, I have to assume it's fake.

  3. you know, if they really did chop down a Christmas tree that huge just for decoration, i'd be really upset. given that it's so unnatural looking, though, i'm not worried.

  4. I took a closer look. It's definitely fake.