Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 81: The Set

Photo of the Day: Lights, Camera, Action

While walking to Tuesday night fellowship, I chanced upon a set of a movie or television show shooting at the elegant The Roosevelt Hotel off Madison Avenue. No, I did not see any movie stars or celebrities. And no, I do not know the title of whatever they were filming. However, there was an NYPD cruiser parked in front with lots of uniformed personnel milling about, so either it was somehow related to the police, or security was really heavy. It was exciting seeing all the fanfare and elaborate equipment set up for the shot, even if I felt like a total tourist gawking at the spectacle.

A festive hot dog and pretzel vendor.
Cops and crew wander around The Roosevelt Hotel.
The set uses enormous, elaborate lighting.


  1. i love the color balances in these pictures... very artistic.

  2. I...don't know what that mean, haha. Thanks though!

  3. Did you ask if you can be part of a crowd scene?

  4. Shucks, I did not. But I don't think there WAS a crowd scene, haha.