Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 80: The Coffee Beans

 Photo of the Day: Temples to God and Man

I ran out of coffee yet again and am continuing the exploration of my options. Today, I visited a roaster called Porto Rico Importing Co., which has been selling coffee since 1907. The shop had an old-timey feel to it with the huge selection of merchandise presented in wooden cubbies and burlap sacks. Best of all, however, were the prices, which were half of some of the other roasters I've visited! I settled on a French Italian Espresso, which someone recommended on an online review site. Remind me to tell you how it stacks up! I had planned on settling at a cafe somewhere to get some work done tonight, but apparently all the nearby ones close by 7 or 8 p.m. Instead I wound up just going home and spent the night on my laptop.

Quick note on the Photo of the Day: It depicts the statue of Atlas at the Rockefeller Center with St. Patrick's Cathedral in the distance. I had walked through the tunnels to the bank to withdraw some cash, then decided to take a different route back to ground level. When I emerged from the doors, this was the grand view that greeted me.

Lots of flavors of fresh roasted coffee beans at Porto Rico Importing Co.
Refilling the sacks of coffee bean in the Porto Rico Importing Co. store window.


  1. Josh, don't get too addicted to coffee ya! Some of my friends can't function in the morning (headache) if they don't have their caffeine.

  2. No, no. I do drink just one cup each morning, but it's more for the flavor and ritual than for the caffeine. It's actually a lot better than when I first started at work and was drinking 4-5 cups of the free, lame coffee every day to stay awake! (I don't do that anymore.)