Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 83: The Veterans

Photo of the Day: Vets on Parade

Happy Veterans Day! It normally would barely register on my radar, but after working a few years ago in Killeen, where everyone has some relation to the military due the proximity of Fort Hood, I've grown oddly fond of the holiday despite having no personal ties myself. During my lunch break, I strolled down block to Fifth Avenue, where the Veterans Day parade was being held. It was sweet seeing the elderly veterans strolling down the street and the pride in their eyes when spectators would randomly call out proclamations of gratitude. Everyone seemed to be bursting with patriotism today, and there were U.S. flags everywhere you looked.

After work, I went to the Wicked lottery yet again, and unbelievably, Mei Ling won again and finally got her second viewing in less than a month. Meanwhile, I followed my friend Jayson to a mixer in a Manhattan loft gallery hosted by the International Arts Movement, a Christian-based organization that encourages spiritual discourse through the arts. In addition to a free meal of homemade enchiladas and friendly conversation, the gathering was also an inviting time of fellowship. The evening included an interesting time of prayer in the lectio divina format, patterned after the prayer times of the Benedictine monks, that encourages a more holistic and visceral response to Scripture readings. On the subway back home, I had a very stimulating discussion with Jayson about our approach to and perspective on art.

Our building's cafeteria had a Thanksgiving lunch special today with roasted turkey, fruit and nut stuffing, cranberry sauce, carrots and parsnips, and creamy macaroni and cheese for only $7. It's my first Thanksgiving meal (out of many, I hope!) of the season.
Men and women in uniform roamed the streets of midtown Manhattan today.
Rolled-up flags ready for unfurling.
Proudly holding the flag high.
Veterans from the Wounded Warriors Project.
A lone elderly veteran shuffles proudly along in the grand procession.
Folks riding on one of the parade floats.
The Wounded Warriors Project float glides down the 5th Avenue.
Patriotic parade spectators wave flags from the sidelines.
A veteran waves to spectators as they call out cheers and thanks from the sidewalks.
Flag-wielding veterans.
A parade float drives past St. Patrick's Cathedral on 5th Avenue.
Veterans from the Manhattan Chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America wave hands and flags from atop their float.
Regal patriotism.
The star-spangled banner.
Promoting the USO.
Having spoken personally with Vietnam veterans, it was a brutal time for the American military men and women.
Color guard marchers.
The crowds of spectators gathered along 5th Avenue for the Veterans Day parade.
The U.S. flag illuminated by the noonday sun.
Church and state.
A sunlit seating area by Rockefeller Center.
The poles by Rockefeller Center usually have flags from countries all over the world, but in honor of Veterans Day, they were all replaced with U.S. banners.
30 Rock and the U.S. flag.
Rows of red, white, and blue in the shadow of 30 Rockefeller Plaza.
Cleanup after the International Arts Movement mixer in their Manhattan loft gallery.
Loitering before departing the International Arts Movement mixer in their Manhattan loft gallery.


  1. I love the movement in the photo of the rows of American flags fluttering in front of Rockefeller Plaza (the last one of that segment)!

  2. Thanks, Michelle! It was a very patriotic day. If this is what they do for Veterans Day, I can only imagine what Fourth of July will be like!