Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 12: The Fashion District

Photo of the Day: Now That's A Fashion Statement

Today was largely uneventful, probably the least exhausting day since my arrival. Although things are starting to get extremely busy at my job, the office was exceptionally quiet today since Kate, my predecessor, is gone, another girl was out with a cold, and my supervisor worked from home. The highlight of my workday was, of course, lunchtime, when I treated myself to the extremely crowded and well-reviewed Margon, a hole-in-the-wall Cuban restaurant located four blocks from my building. Their specialty is the Cuban sandwich, a deliciously flavorful Latin take on ham and cheese. It was so tasty that I'm committed to becoming a repeat visitor in the near future.

I had no plans after work but have no air-conditioning at home, so I didn't want to return just yet. Instead I wandered down Broadway for a while in an effort to explore a new part of town. I stumbled upon an interesting public display in the Fashion District called the Sidewalk Catwalk in which big-name designers outfitted and decorated these mannequins posed in the middle of the street. The graphic one from Kenneth Cole pictured above most drew my eye, though the others were creative as well. Afterward, I was looking for a coffee shop and ended up in the Ace Hotel, which I learned is apparently also a popular hangout for professionals in New York. I never did end up getting my caffeine fix at the cafe inside (they only took cash), but I did get to enjoy the trendy ambiance and get a little bit of work done in the busy lobby.

Cuban sandwiches being mass produced at Margon, a crowded hole-in-the-wall lunch spot.
My remarkably flavorful Cuban sandwich stuffed with ham, salami, Swiss cheese, pickles, and a tasty sauce.
The view down Broadway.
The flagship Macy's department store at Herald Square.
Up close and personal with the Empire State Building.
Although I miss the brilliant sunsets of Texas, I like how New York City's avenues adopt a golden glow as dusk approaches, literally lit by the light at the end of the skyscraper tunnel.
The very busy and crowded Ace Hotel lobby filled with professional and sophisticated New Yorkers.
Funky collages plastering the staircase walls at the Ace Hotel.


  1. Sandwich looks good. I have to bring Crestor when I visit.

  2. @jw: It had mustard and pickles in it, which you might not like. But their entire menu was good too! I also tried the pork sandwich, which was also very tasty and'd probably enjoy that one more.

  3. Next time bring cash and get a cuppa at the Stumptown at Ace! East coasters are paying more attention to well-roasted coffee, and Stumptown is one brand that has recently expanded throughout the city.

  4. the cuban sandwich looks good, but the bread looks wrong. i have a weakness for cuban sandwiches though.

  5. Hey Josh! Tina showed me your blog. Really great pics and that cuban sandwich looks delish!

  6. @Talida: I know! I did my research and everything, but I just didn't want to pay an extra two bucks at the generic ATM. I definitely want to go back soon, and Daisy got me a coffee press recently, so I need some good grounds too.

    @Tina: Who made you the expert? Haha, I don't know what the bread is SUPPOSED to look like...all I know is my sandwich was delicious. :)

    @Melissa: Thanks, Mewo! Message me some time and let me know the dates you'll be in NYC again. I know you're a foodie, and it's always fun trying new restaurants with people who enjoy food!

  7. i keep getting error msgs when i try to post comments :/ attempt #3...

    kenneth cole always has the best marketing! you should sign up for their email distribution list just to see their email subject headings... so clever.

  8. Haha, I get enough unnecessary e-mails as is. I should look into Kenneth Cole marketing though...a good balance of sophistication and irreverence.