Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 41: The Board

Photo of the Day: Paramount View

Today I attended a Taproot Foundation board meeting at the Paramount Plaza. We have some connections at Deloitte and secured a space at their world headquarters in New York for the board of directors, who hail from five different cities, to video teleconference. The building was beautiful, and the whole process of setting up the call appeared very high-tech and almost futuristic. It was really cool to see all the offices up on the giant screen, and the sound quality was amazing; it's like everyone was right there in the room.

The view from the 36th floor of the Paramount building was lovely, especially with all the thick gray clouds rolling over the skyscrapers. New York City definitely transforms and reveals new facets of its splendor at different altitudes. Despite the photogenic setting, I didn't take very many pictures (and the ones I did take were hastily composed and underwhelming). I was already underdressed for the occasion as it was, and I didn't want to further look like a tool in front of our board by obnoxiously snapping shots during their meeting.

Even the elevator bays were sleek and sophisticated at the Paramount Plaza.