Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 24: The Puppet

Photo of the Day: My Boss as a Muppet

Between another late night at work and the rainy weather that obstructed any exploration of the city, I only took one real photograph today. But with all this talk of long hours, I may have given you a wrong impression of my employer as a horrible slave driver. On the contrary, today's Photo of the Day illustrates the kind of amusing and entertaining environment in which I am privileged to work. The president of our national organization, who works two cubicles down from me, randomly decided to make a run to FAO Schwarz today and make a puppet likeness of himself at the Muppet Whatnot Workshop. You place your order with those little boards (pictured above), using an assortment of vinyl clings to indicate your preferences. As you can see, one of my co-workers did some serious customization from the original creation (the middle board). If you'd like a comparison, there's a photo of the boss man below (not taken by me). Astonishing, no? Just another day in the office at the Taproot Foundation.

My boss, as a point of reference for the Photo of the Day. File photo courtesy of Eli Turner Studios.
I  video chatted this evening with my precious, adorable niece, Zoey. She's getting so big and feisty! I miss her.


  1. wow.. how much does it cost to make your own personalized muppet? .. not that i want a muppet of myself.

  2. I have no idea. A regular non-personalized puppet costs about $200, so I can only imagine if you build a custom one. You can go the Web site and build one, then see if it tells you the price at the end.