Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 32: The Chinese Candy

Photo of the Day: Moon Cake

My boss just got back from a business trip to China, and he brought back these Asian treats for us. I don't like moon cake, but I did quite enjoy the red bean candy and ate three and a half blocks of it. It's my second sugar overdose in two weeks.

After work, I attended my Tuesday small group near Bryant Park. Because I was early, I visited the New York Public Library across the street. Too bad the facade is under construction, or I'd have gotten some great exterior shots. I didn't get to see much since it was near closing time, but walking into the majestic building did imbue me a sense of calm and gravitas.

On another note,  it's my one-month anniversary of being in New York!

The Empire State Building through the library window.
Astor Hall, the entrance gallery at the New York Public Library.


  1. Woot! One month done eleven more to go. Or is it sad that your there for only eleven more months?

    I will be coming up in February 19th to 25th or 26th.

    Keep up the posts been reading them.

  2. You're coming to visit? Awesome, already marked it on my calendar...we'll definitely hang out when you're up here.

    I think one month is cause for celebration...eleven months is plenty more. =)

  3. ooooh I really like the library shots!!!

  4. Thank you! I only got to run through the building really fast while I was waiting for fellowship to begin, but I'd like to explore the library more. One of these days, I'm going to spend a whole afternoon there and get really good photos of it.