Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 39: The Tower

Photo of the Day: Upscale Bathrooms

A blissfully uneventful day today. After work, I visited Trump Tower after hearing my mom and sister rave about the public bathrooms there; they were indeed quite upscale. The building was very modern with lots of pink marble and brass mirrors. I walked around Times Square and 5th Avenue for a bit while I waited for the usual Tuesday fellowship to start. However, I had failed to read this week's announcement e-mail properly and discovered that our meeting time was moved to tomorrow. Oh, well, now it's time to catch up on laundry and some of my missed television shows. Isn't my life so glamorous?

The three-story indoor waterfall at Trump Tower.
The mirrors and angles of Trump Tower.
Window dressing on Fifth Avenue.


  1. ha - i tried to get a shot of that indoor water fountain with mom's camera but failed miserably. weren't the bathrooms lovely?

  2. Haha, they were alright. I think you hyped them up too much. I should have shown you the bathrooms at the Real Simple office...also really nice!