Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 21: The Fellowship, Part 1

Photo of the Day: A Light in the Darkness

After work today, I visited a Friday night fellowship of one of the churches in which I am interested. Clarence (see my entry Day 5: The New Friend) recommended Boon Church to me since it is where he attends. With the small, intimate, and quirky atmosphere, I absolutely loved it; the relationships reminded me so much of my beloved Bridge group, only a little larger, and the gender divide definitely skewed male. In addition, it has been a while since I've had real, in-depth Bible study too, so it was refreshing to dive into the Scriptures this evening; I really enjoyed the small group environment and casual but intense interaction.

After a good hour of loitering (can I get an amen from all my AACH peeps?), the group invited me to hang out at their worship leader's residence in Long Island, where we stayed until almost 2 a.m. (starting to see a trend here?). It was strange entering a true suburbia after my urban immersion, much less an actual house, but in a way, this too felt exceedingly familiar. His maze of a home was a true party pad: huge flat-screen television, pool table, dartboard, ping-pong table, board games, cards, musical instruments, plenty of seating, and all sorts of random knickknacks. However, the absolute icing on the cake was....when they broke out the BANG! cards. I am taking it as a sign. Seriously, could this church be any more perfect for me? I will attend their service this Sunday and find out. I'm still doing my due diligence and looking into a few other places, but hopefully I'll be able to find a home church within the month, and this seems like a likely candidate!

The centerpiece of the Boon Church altar.
Sweet bachelor pad of a basement. Other features: pool table, ping pong table, dartboard, board games.
Anyone recognize this little card game?


  1. amen! i so miss bang :/ did you ask how they feel about nertz?

  2. When you say "skewed male" do you mean there are more males to females or vice versa? In statistics, if it skewed left, it meant that there's more to the right.

  3. @Lestari: Ah, Nertz. I should definitely ask about that. It can be my true litmus test.

    @Oldonariel: Hmmm, I did not know that. I meant more males than females. Sorry for my lack of clarity there.

  4. i miss bang!!! i don't really have anyone to play with here in austin. :(

  5. Aww, how strange since Austin will always be Bang! central for me.

  6. I don't know! I didn't think it was that well-known, but apparently the game has reached the East Coast. I thought it would be a Southern/Western thing due to its theme, but I guess it has broader appeal!