Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 20: The Plaza

Photo of the Day: 30 Rock

Despite yet another long work day, I decided I'd treat myself with a stroll around the block before heading home from the office. It very fortunately turned out to be just the stress relief I needed. While I'd cut through Rockefeller Plaza plenty of times since arriving, I haven't had a chance to just sit and enjoy it. My first stop was the NBC Experience Store, which as a television addict was so much fun! It conjured up so much nostalgia for old show favorites, and I think I may have just found awesome gifts for all my TV junkie friends. (Jess, care for a City of Pawnee mug? Dan, perhaps a Nerd Herd shirt?) I then made my way to the opposite end of the plaza to the brand new Lego store that opened this summer. I'm always amazed by the ingenuity of the Lego builders, who in this case, created multiple vignettes celebrating New York City. The centerpiece was an incredible, stylized replica of Rockefeller Center itself and the surrounding blocks. Seeing as television and Legos took up a fair chunk of my childhood, this evening was definitely a fond trip down memory lane.

The world-famous address.
The entryway to the NBC Experience Store.
The NBC peacock is filled with M&Ms. Yay for cross-promotional marketing!
The NBC Experience Store, a nirvana for network television junkies everywhere.
What The Office fan would not love this shirt?
A magnificent replica of Rockefeller Plaza in Lego.
Rockefeller Plaza in Lego, aerial view.
This is one of the most detailed models I've seen, and it was even cooler to look out the window and compare it live!
Spare pieces for sale at the Lego store in Rockefeller Plaza.
The Statue of Liberty in Lego.
I <3 NY in Lego.
The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to Staten Island in Lego.
New York-themed Lego souvenirs.
I stopped by the Chinese grocery on my way home from work. The selection inside isn't always stellar, but the fruit is always fresh and abundant.
I was planning on only getting sugar for my coffee, but wound up buying dried mangoes and preserved plums too.
What post would be complete without photos of food? I returned to Margon, my new favorite Cuban lunch counter, for this incredible steak sandwich.
Yellow rice, red beans, and plantains from Margon. Who knew such a simple combination could taste so good?


  1. haha... i love the square pieces in the round holes! and the pair of circles in the rectangle looks like a lego piece! ... the design major in me is nerding out. and after looking at all those close ups of lego pieces, when i first saw your fruit picture, at first glance i totally thought the apples in the foreground were lego heads :-P

  2. @josh - that steak sandwich pic is making me hungry again...
    @michelle - you are every blogger's dream follower!

  3. @Michelle: You should click on the link in my little paragraph. They have more pics of the awesome store withe more detail, so you can admire the design even more!

    @Daisy: Two more weeks!

  4. Did you see Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey walking around anywhere? :)

  5. I wish. I saw lots of their merchandise though! It must be so weird to show up at work and have your face plastered in storefronts and on t-shirts and mugs.