Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 46: The Mothership

Photo of the Day: Olympus

Today before Tuesday evening fellowship began, I ran some errands, which included purchasing a new micro-SD card for my cell phone. I visited B&H, a photography/video/audio retailer, which has a well-known and reliable Web site from which I've previously ordered. Going into their physical store, however, was a completely different, mind-blowing experience. It is the mothership of all things related to photography. Every major brand is represented in this enormous mecca of an electronics emporium, and all the merchandise is lined up in rows upon rows of displays where the customer can actually touch and examine the goods. Even more amazing is their efficient delivery system that provides quick service to the hundreds of consumers who descend on the store. You get a ticket for whatever items you're interested in purchasing, bring it downstairs to the register to pay, then pick up your merchandise, which is delivered to the exit by a complex system of conveyor belts. It's truly a magnificent feat of engineering and business process. I can't wait to go when I actually have money to buy something cool.

Fellowship was wonderful today. A record eight people showed up, doubling the usual size of the group.We watched a video of Tim Keller preaching on the parable of the prodigal son, then had discussion on the difference between religion and the gospel. In a nutshell, religion says, "I obey, therefore I'm accepted," but the gospel says, "I'm accepted, therefore I obey." Which mindset do you follow?

The B&H Photo-Video mother ship. This place is the ultimate mecca of all things photography.
Two mother ships side-by-side: B&H and the New Yorker.
A truly American institution.
A closer look at the fog-shrouded tower of the Empire State Building while walking to Tuesday night fellowship.
Lady Liberty watches over New York pedestrians from a souvenir shop.
The lovely Bryant Park by night.
The pink granite Josephine Shaw Lowell Memorial Fountain, dedicated in 1912, in Bryant Park. It was the city’s first public memorial dedicated to a woman.


  1. haha.. nice reference with Olympus. the picture is really cool, too!

    hmm.. i may have to recommend the B&H store to my brother for whenever they go to NYC next.

  2. Percy Jackson? Yay, someone got the reference! Haha, I should have known I could count on you!

    Yes, I think Danny would love it! It seriously is the coolest electronics store I've ever been to, and that's counting Fry's. Though not as broad in its offerings, it definitely goes deeper into the photography market.

  3. oh gosh josh, your pictures are amazing!! and so beautiful =D great job @ capturing!

  4. Thanks, swtshyna. I'm very proud of my blog, but I respect your a whole lot more. You've actually got worthwhile thoughts and insights in your blog, and it's such an encouragement to people! Keep up the great work!

  5. Where's Bryant Park? I am making a list of places to see in NYC one day. You are like my tour guide book. haha

  6. Bryant Park is in Midtown Manhattan, so it's pretty central. It's right behind the New York Public Library just a few blocks from Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building. I will totally be your tour guide if you come visit!