Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 59: The Rink

Photo of the Day: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I didn't expect it to creep up so soon, but the holiday decorations are already going up, which prompted me to start whistling It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas all evening long. It started when I walked out from my office and realized the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink, possibly one of the most iconic skating sites in the world, is up and running, and strings of lights now adorn the trees. Being the sappy romantic that I am, it is impossible for me to see this stuff and not immediately melt into a pool of seasonal sentimentality. Sure it's only October, but go ahead and queue up the carols: Christmas is here!

My friend Daniel, a devout Catholic, recommended I visit the beautiful St. Patrick's Cathedral, which is a block down from my office, so I finally decided to drop in tonight. It is such an august and majestic structure that I'm already planning a return visit. I arrived after nightfall and was stunned by the building's grandeur, but I'm certain the beauty of the church is even further enhanced when light comes streaming in through the stained glass windows. I took a few shots as a quick preview, but I'll most certainly be back to hopefully catch the cathedral in its full splendor.

Ice skaters glide and twirl around the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink.
The statue of Prometheus overlooks the ice rink in a shimmering fountain of color.
A fairly sparse opening week for the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink.
Dazzling light show over the ice.
A random picture-perfect family ice skating at the Rockefeller Center. Don't judge me for being a creeper.
Christmas lights on trees is a sure sign the holidays are here.
New York certainly knows how to deck out for the holidays.
The central aisle at St. Patrick's Cathedral.
The security officer checks bags at the door of St. Patrick's Cathedral.
Prayer candles at the back of the sanctuary.
Lighted prayer candles.
More lighted prayer candles.
A bronze cross illuminated by prayer candles.


  1. wow.. how cold is it up there now? all the lights and decorations and bundled skating people look so picturesque. the cathedral looks so breathtaking... i love the picture of the central isle and the picture two below that one!

  2. at nights, it's low 50s already, low 60s in the daytime. maybe i'm acclimating already, but it doesn't seem as cold as i was expecting. but i have heard TERRIBLE things about the winters here, so i'm bracing myself for that.

    yeah, the cathedral was gorgeous, but i'm trying to save it for a full post in the near future. i don't want it to just be buried in this one. not to mention i bet it's even more picturesque with the sunlit stained glass windows!

  3. haha, agreed...which also reminds me i need to get around to posting my pics on facebook some time soon!

  4. Your photos make me wanna spend Christmas in New York!!! Didn't even get to take picture with Prometheus.

  5. i knowwww....i wish i had a do-over, and you could come down to New York this month instead! and to think we were so close to the statue and couldn't even see it because of the stupid event. but like everything else we visited, i think the pictures make it seem nicer than it is in real life. it's actually pretty crowded and touristy, and skating on the rink is very expensive.

  6. if we had a do-over, i'd want to check out chelsea market! the snack shops sound like a lot of fun. another "like" for the christmas lights on trees pic.

  7. Yup, for sure. It's the stuff you can buy, not so much the place, that makes it awesome. So I'll try to lug some treats home over break and bring Chelsea Market to you!

  8. That cathedral sure is a stark contrast to the Hillsong launch pictures you posted yesterday. Yet both aims to glorify God. But maybe, just maybe, the small fellowship that you've been attending may be the one that pleases the Lord more.

  9. Hmm... I went to Chelsea Market when I was up there last year, and I totally didn't see anything as cool as the stuff you're posting here. Totally missed out. But I did get some really awesome soup :-)

  10. @jw: yes, I think they can all glorify God in their own way. it's the heart that counts!

    @Michelle: really? i LOVE the food there, and there are so many place i want to try. the soup is definitely on my list.