Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 51: The Korean Feast

Photo of the Day: Another Sunday Sunset

It's bound to be a great day with a perfect date like 10.10.10! The highlight today was the fantastic Korean barbecue I had after church. One of the guys in my small group treated us to a wondrous feast at San Soo Kap San in Flushing. His girlfriend, who is a Hong Kong television actress, was in town visiting, and I can only assume we are also partly indebted to her presence for the lavish showing of excellent cuisine and generosity, in addition to her luminous company. The food was absolutely amazing. We went all out with samgyeopsal (pork belly) and kalbi (beef spare ribs) grilled right at the table, plus japchae (stir-fried cellophane noodles), dukbokki (spicy glutinous rice cakes) with octopus, seafood and kim chi pancakes, and of course the plethora of side dishes.

The lunch was so tantalizingly good, but here's the bad news: I didn't bring my camera, so I did not get any photographs of this terrific spread to make your mouths water. I've been feeling the need to get away from my camera after toting it around literally everywhere I go, so I made the executive decision to leave it at home today. I do regret not being able to document the meal, but it was also strangely refreshing and freeing not having the weight of a camera bag on my shoulder.

In the evening, I again took some time to relax at home. I got some laundry done, then invited the two kids in the house to watch the movie Prince of Persia: Sands of Time on my laptop with me. It was the perfect mindless film with some surprisingly awesome and beautiful action sequences and an outlandish plot that wasn't too difficult to follow.

Because I didn't have my camera at church today, I had to get a picture of something, so here's my laundromat.
Kayla was not very interested in watching Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, so she wound up nosing around my room for the first half of the movie before leaving for bedtime.


  1. Hahaha, don't mock me, Laura. However, I did see this one photo a guy took of his clothes swirling in the washing machine that looked really cool. I tried duplicating it, but it ended up looking like....well, laundry.

  2. I wasn't mocking. I like the laundromat shot - it has a nice contrast of the grey street outside vs the bright whiteness of inside.

  3. Oh. How very observant of you, because that was <sarcasm>obviously</sarcasm> what I was going for, haha. In that case, thanks very much!

  4. I can't remember! I think she mostly did television hosting-type jobs, but she's slowly broken into dramas in small roles. I'll have to ask next time I see the guy, and I bet she probably has a Chinese name that she uses in HK too.