Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 66: The Katsu

Photo of the Day: Japanese Lunch

Today for lunch, I went out for a Japanese-style meal at Katsuhama in Midtown. I met up with my lessor's sister, who happens to work just a few blocks away from my office. We decided to meet somewhere in the middle, and as a self-described foodie, she made the recommendation on the restaurant. She did not lead me astray; the food was quite wonderful. The deceptively small pork loin katsu lunch special was tender and delicately fried and was served with a savory sauce poured over toasted sesame seeds that you crushed yourself. Even the plain shredded lettuce was remarkably fresh and took on new life when accompanied by the tangy Japanese vinaigrette. Tack on some good conversation, and it made for a much-appreciated midday escape from my cubicle.

After work I went grocery shopping in my determination to start cooking and stop eating out so much. This week, I'm starting small and simple with a quick tuna casserole that I will whip up tomorrow evening. I also purchased a refill on my morning coffee supplies, to which I've grown quite addicted. I bravely ventured away from my usual, the always-delicious Stumptown Coffee, and tried an award-winning Nicaraguan bean from a highly regarded local roaster called Oren's Daily Roast. I'm hesitant to wander from something I know to be excellent, but I also don't want to potentially miss out on something great. We'll see in the morning how well this new coffee stacks up.

Crushing the roasted sesame seeds for the tasty katsu dipping sauce at Katsuhama.
Reluctantly branching out from my usual Stumptown Coffee, I opted to try a highly regarded local roaster called Oren's Daily Roast. I will try my first cup of the new coffee tomorrow morning.
Subway stop at Lexington Avenue and 53rd Street. It's actually quite interesting to note the different character of each station along the line.


  1. I'm glad you get to eat good, delicious foods often, but stop describing how it taste. You make me drool!

  2. That's the make other people jealous, haha. Whatever...there's good, affordable katsu in Houston too!

  3. hmm.. yes, we do have katsu here in Houston, but I've never heard of a place where you can mix the sauce with toasted, freshly-crushed sesame seeds! that sounds yummy :-9

    how did the coffee compare?

  4. The coffee was delicious, but not as good as Stumptown. It does have a very interesting flavor...the label described it as "sweet raspberry, buttery body," and I could totally taste it! There's still one more place I want to try, but so far, Stumptown wins.