Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 69: The Musical

Photo of the Day: Front-Row Seats

After weeks of perseverance, my steadfast efforts have finally paid off (see Day 48: The Lottery)! Today I won two discount front-row seats to Wicked, the most popular show on Broadway and one of the last must-see musicals on my list. With our $26.25 tickets, we scored seating just off to the right of the stage and were so close we could see the spit coming from the actors' mouths and smell the perfume piped out with Glinda's arrival. My expectations were already very high going in, but this marvelous show exceeded them in every way, from the tender storyline to the brilliant musical score to the phenomenal cast; it was the perfect Broadway experience. I literally could not stop smiling for an hour afterward. Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery today, so I had to make do with my cell phone to capture this very special opportunity.

The audience at the Gershwin Theatre.
The elaborate Clock of the Time Dragon set piece hovering over the stage.
The front of the Gershwin Theatre, where Wicked is performed.


  1. Wow! I've been missing out on what you've been up to.. glad you're so active in the city :) And I still have yet to see Wicked!

  2. You HAVE to go see it! I know I said it in the post, but it's one of the best I've seen! And if you join the lottery, you may have to be somewhat patient and persistent, but the payoff is DEFINITELY worth it!

  3. you got the see wicked in ny! so jealous! wicked has been my favorite, saw it twice in houston, but never in new york....

  4. The productions in Houston can be just as good as the ones in New York...and twice is better than once! When the show starts, it doesn't matter where you are! And can I just say, the lottery system is the BEST thing to happen to Broadway for broke people like me.