Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 54: The Goodbye Party

Photo of the Day: Upside Down

Today after work, the office traveled down to Brooklyn to our president and CEO's house for a party. Alex, our strategic initiatives manager, is leaving the organization to pursue other opportunities, so we threw her a farewell celebration. Alex has very much been my lifeline during my introductory month and has kept my head above water with her deep knowledge about everything related to Taproot, so she will be sorely missed.

We dined on Mediterranean food, and while we started the evening in the living room, like all good gatherings it migrated to the kitchen by dessert. The house was beautiful and homey, and we were also graced by the presence of his two really cute kids. It was a great time with interesting conversation, and I got to see what authentic New York living looks like.

The view that greeted me when I exited the subway station this morning.
A farewell party for Alex at my boss's lovely Brooklyn brownstone condo.
The party, as always, moves to the kitchen.
Dinner was catered Mediterranean food, with baklava for dessert and some kind of cornbread with almonds.
Our president and CEO with his adorable and precocious daughter.
The wife and two-year-old son of our president and CEO.
Our nearly-departed guest of honor, Alex, with our president and CEO and his family.
Such a happy home, complete with cute photos of the kids on the fireplace mantle.
A peek at Kayla through a bubble.


  1. It sure looks like a lovely home!I wonder how does it look like from the outside? Is it in a complex or it stands by itself? Yard? Patio?

  2. Yeah, it was very nice! It was a brownstone condo, so it was just one unit in the building. They actually had construction going on out front, so it was all scaffolding. Apparently part of the building caught fire last year, so it was undergoing repairs.

  3. The bubble pictures are so cool! Is that a marble?

  4. No, they're made of some kind of weird gelatin, almost the consistency of a firm tapioca ball. The family went to a wedding and brought back a fresh floral centerpiece, and these balls were used in the planter to hold the flowers in place. I have no idea what they are made of.