Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 63: The Discussion Group

Photo of the Day: Smoke (Doesn't) Get In His Eyes

Another weekend here at last. I have been so restless at my desk this week, so I'm glad it's Friday, but unfortunately things are insanely busy right now, which means I brought work home from the office to complete on my days off. But for tonight, I've put away my to-do list and will just rest for the next 24 hours.

Friday fellowship was a little different tonight. We watched a short video clip of pastor John Piper talk about the gospel, then we divided up into three groups to discuss. Each breakout group was free to structure their session however they chose, so we decided to talk over dinner at Ramen Hakata in Flushing. I found my sho-yu ramen to be underwhelming and a tad too salty, but we had great discussion about church and what it means to be gospel-centered on top of the usual friendly conversation. Plus we also went to Kung Fu Tea after dinner, which has some of the best milk tea I've ever had. I'm usually not able to distinguish much between different boba stores, but this place adds some secret ingredient that really brings out the flavor and gives their beverages some kick.

My sho-yu ramen from Ramen Hakata in Flushing.
Hanging out with Kung Fu Tea milk teas.
We just so happened to pick a loitering spot in front of a lingerie stand. So Phil offered to pose in front of the bras.

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