Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 56: The Swap

Photo of the Day: Swap Queen

Today totally felt like a Friday, starting with the "Sweep and Swap" event that took place at my office this morning. For the past few weeks, all employees from throughout the building have been requested to clean out their storage spaces and donate unused and unwanted items, which were placed on sale today in a flea market-style shopping bonanza. For only $5, we loaded up large paper bags with as much swag as we could carry. The best part is I work in the Time-Life building (headquarters of Time, Inc.), so a lot of the merchandise came from their magazine offices, including Sports Illustrated official football gear, advanced copies of books and movies from Entertainment Weekly, beautiful photo collections published by LIFE, Cooking Light cookbooks, and a bunch of other really sweet finds. I've significantly beefed up my personal library, and I have so many random knickknacks now that may or may not come in handy as gifts someday.

Today was also Alex's last day of work. She was a crucial mentor and a friend in the office, and she will be dearly missed. While much of today was finalizing the knowledge transfer from her to me, there were also several breaks throughout the afternoon for celebration and goodbyes. After hours, I headed to Friday night fellowship, where we continued out study on 1 Corinthians and discussed how to approach immorality in the church. I headed home right after we finished because I want to be fresh for the run coming up bright and early tomorrow morning!

Alex revels in her bargain finds, including a stack of books, a coffee travel mug, a football, flower pot, and other random knickknacks.
Bibles galore after the Friday fellowship group.
The church's anniversary is coming up soon, so we took up the challenge of attempting to capture a group photo of the college and career ministry.

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