Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 48: The Lottery

Photo of the Day: A Cultural Phenomenon

Today I started a pathetic new weekly ritual. Those of you who know me understand my love of musicals. It's a cheery format that naturally speaks to the optimist in me, and I've been fortunate to have watched a fair share of live shows, thanks largely to the free performances at Miller Outdoor Theatre and student discount tickets at Bass Concert Hall. There is one show, however, near the top of my list that has eluded me for years. If you haven't guessed from my Photo of the Day, that musical is Wicked.

Coincidentally, the Gershwin Theatre where Wicked plays on Broadway is literally a block down the street from my office. And having recently won front-row tickets for the West Side Story lottery (see Day 37: The Show), the urge to try my hand at scoring cheap Wicked tickets has been brewing. Of course, the crowd is much larger, hence my odds much slimmer, for the Wicked lottery. But since I am so nearby anyway, my plan is every Wednesday and Thursday after work to walk down and submit my name in the drawing. Obviously I was not victorious today, but I figure I'm bound to win at some point if I'm entering twice a week.

Since I have no idea when I might win, and the plan requires too much commitment for me to enlist someone else, this means I will probably be watching the show all alone. Sad and pathetic? Sure. But front row seats to watch what The New York Times calls "the defining musical of the decade" for $26.50? Yes, please!

In recognition of my new tradition and first failure, I went to Crumbs Bake Shop for a cupcake. I've heard this place mentioned in the same breath as the renowned Magnolia bakery, with comparisons frequently favoring the former. I had a Bryant Park cupcake: chocolate cake filled with mousse and topped with cream cheese icing and white chocolate shavings. While it was amazing and very large in size, Magnolia's chocolate truffle cupcake (see Day 18: The Bad Day) still trumped it. I walked down to Columbus Circle to munch on my tasty sweet before heading home for the night.

Looking through the lottery entries for front-row Wicked tickets. My name is in there somewhere.

The crowds gather around the theater entryway waiting to hear the winners of the lottery called.
My Bryant Park cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop.
The Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle.
The giant globe in front of the Trump International Hotel & Tower at Columbus Circle.


  1. Hope you'll get it one of these days! (get 2 or 3, and invite friends). I guess we were realy...really fortunate when we all got the lottery that day! I felt like there was no effort whatsoever. In fact when I filled out that tiny paper, I thought that it was a sham.

  2. Yeah, I'm so surprised we were that lucky, especially on a weekend! But Wicked is a much more popular show, so it's harder to win the lottery.

    It's hard to invite anyone because it's day-of the show, and there's only two hours notice to find someone to go with me if I happen win. And if I can't convince anybody to join me, then I just paid an extra $26 for nothing. It's easier to just go alone.

  3. Josh, take it from me, sitting alone at a show you really want to see is TOTALLY worth it! I'm so glad I didn't miss Little House on the Prairie Musical! I'm sure it is socially alright to go to a show alone... haha

  4. Oh man, Jess, I actually LOL'd on the public bus when I read your comment. I totally forgot about that, and I did not intend to call you sad and pathetic, haha. I will join your club of lone musical goers -- and like it, too!

  5. i watched Wicked in NYC while seated by myself! i guess i wasn't technically alone- two of my friend were there but seating several rows behind me. haha, actually, i was partially grateful that i wasn't sitting next to a friend.. i totally teared up a few times b/c the singing was so awesome, and i would have been terribly embarrassed if they had witnessed it.

  6. HAHA, that is too funny, Michelle! You make a strong point, except for the fact that I'm far too manly to cry at a musical. Oh, and the water in my eyes? Probably caused by yawning or dust in the air...I swear. =P

  7. haha.. funny.. i've done the yawning thing to cover up tears! haha.. darn, i guess not as original as i thought. :-P