Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 68: The Skyscraper

Photo of the Day: Two Towers

Not much to report today: pretty standard as they come. In fact, I had to go out of my way after work to find something photograph-worthy and walked a few blocks down to the Bank of America Tower, the second-tallest building in New York and fourth-tallest in the nation. I snapped some shots, then I went home and watched Hulu while eating fruit and applesauce.

The beautiful Bank of America Tower.
The Empire State Building from 6th Avenue and 42nd Street.
The indoor garden-like atrium in the Bank of America Tower.
Today Kayla thought it'd be cute to hide in my closet.


  1. Oh Josh, spend some times to tidy up your closet please ;-(

  2. um, it's pretty organized, just full.

  3. and kayla was right! she is SO cute.

  4. She is, isn't she? I try not to encourage the hiding-in-my-closet bit too much though, haha.