Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 70: The Ice Skating

 Photo of the Day: On Ice

It was another average day today, and I was seriously concerned I would not have any photos to post until I stumbled across a Winter Wonderland at Bryant Park. You may recall that earlier this month, I had a picture of a skating rink under construction (see Day 60: The Window Shopping). Within a matter of days, the Citi Pond at Bryant Park has been completed and is bursting with holiday spirit. Lights are glowing, the musicians are swinging with live big-band numbers, and New Yorkers have donned their skates from a spin around the ice. If this is what October is like, I can't wait to see the city all dressed up come December!

Aw, is love in the cold, winter air? No, I don't actually know these people; I'm just stalking random ice skaters.
I loved the live big-band music, which gave the whole place a classically romantic feel.
A uch bigger rink and much nicer ambiance than the Rockefeller Center ice rink.
A merry-go-round at Bryant Park.


  1. did you actually do any skating? i haven't been ice skating in years :) your photo of the day is making me want to go!

  2. I actually have not gone ice skating! One, I am not very good and it and don't enjoy it that much, and two, if I feel like it's best enjoyed as a romantic activity, especially around Christmas time in New York, hehe.

    You should totally go in Houston! There's always the Galleria, which is usually pretty festive, and don't they also do an outdoor rink in some of the parks? It might be a nice break from the heat, haha.

  3. the weather is lovely now, thankyouverymuch! it feels just like NY did during my visit there :) anyways. skating is definitely not limited to romantics, josh! you should get some friends together. you can't go through your first [only?] winter in NYC without ice skating!

  4. I did hear Houston weather was wonderful! And when you were here in NY, it was only nice one of the days, haha. It went from "too hot" to "just right" to "too cold...and wet."

    And as for ice skating...we'll see. I'll go if someone offers, but I don't know if I care enough to take the initiative to organize myself. As I said, I'm not crazy about it, and it is a little bit pricey depending on where you go.

  5. hah, i'd forgotten about the rain. guess i only remember the fun parts of the trip :) the weather here has been pretty for over a week now - z and i spend time outside every day. she's learned to "bye-bye" and is bye-bye-ing every neighbor [and cow] she sees!

  6. AWWWWWWWWWW....I can't wait to see her again!!!!